I fell in love with clay in 2008 and would like call myself a artist who uses my artistic talents to create pots, dishes, mugs, vases, and other types of artwork.

I sometimes create functional pieces that are meant to be put to everyday use but also create pieces that are decorative, and meant to be appreciated purely as works of art.  

I will forever be learning and improving my art using clay, water and fire. For me moulding and forming the clay is like the circle of life -

To mould our dreams into existence

Besides the hand made pottery I produce various hand carved wooden decor items mosaiced with African ostrich egg shell.  

My products can be bought as a gift for friends & family or for the customer themselves who is looking for a unique expensive  one-of-a-kind handmade design.  I do customise orders as well.


By purchasing my products you will be supporting the Lanie-Michelle Lombard Wilson Disease Trust Fund.


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