Glacermo's decorating is for those who want their homes full of life, culture and interesting conversation pieces for the entire world to see.
It embraces the carefree, the relaxed and the unusual.

Glacermo's mission is to offer consumers one of a kind ceramic, wooden & ostrich-egg-shell mosaic handmade DECOR, GIFT & HOME products that is fun, unique, different, recycled and exclusive. Whether the Glacermo product are added to the living room, kitchen, bathroom, patio, or bedroom, THIS product will add life, style & warmth to the space.

  My motto is don't be afraid to be different and use techniques that wouldn't necessarily go together in a conventional way.
It is that element of sincerity that makes the Glacermo style so delightful.

 At Glacermo no two handmade items are alike.  The important feeling of individuality supersedes any prior notions of decorating dos and do'nts. 

At Glacermo we have the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, our world is our own creations rather than livng in a box.


Read the story behind every design which is the true reflection of living life with a smile on the face and a song in the heart,
only to make one realise that life has no pause buttons and dreams have no expiry dates.

If not in stock pieces can take up to 2 or more weeks to complete as it is  indivudually hand made and personally signed by the artist.


At Glacermo's Art Studio "TUSSEN STASIES" we mould our dreams into existence. 


By purchasing our products you will be supporting the Lanie-Michelle Lombard Wilson Disease Trust Fund and Social Upliftment of Tswhane.


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